Prolifico focuses on generating high, asset-backed returns for investors. It pursues a differentiated investment strategy targeting real estate dependent business models that are resilient in all macro-economic environments.

The company was founded in 2009 and is managed by a multi-national team of 15 people operating out of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, London and Lisbon. Its managing partners have backgrounds in Real Estate, Finance, Capital Markets and Law, having spent individually 10-15 years working in Brazil in those areas, including founding a renowned operating business in the country, prior to founding Prolifico.

Prolifico currently manages a portfolio valued at circa BRL 700 million, having sourced and acquired close to 30 real estate assets since its foundation. Throughout the country’s worst recession in history, Prolifico has successfully raised capital from foreign investors and acquired prime assets at heavily discounted prices, while at the same time successfully exited several assets with realized IRRs of 25%-80% p.a.

Since 2012, Prolifico has negotiated several equity joint venture partnerships with best-in-class industry partners, forming Self Storage, Post-Acute Care and Student Housing operating businesses to operate certain of its real estate assets. As a result, Prolifico has successfully set up a number of operating businesses from scratch, such as Moby Self Storage. Opportunities in other real estate based resilient models are also reviewed on an ongoing basis.