Founding partner of Prolifico in an interview with PrivcapRE


Peer Buergin, founding partner of Prolifico, was recently interviewed by PrivcapRE, where he talked about Self Storage, Student Housing and Senior Living, the three main focus businesses of Prolifico in Brazil. Peer explained that these three are early stage in Brazil and show great growth potential.

Regarding the Self Storage market, Peer compared the number of facilities in Brazil (120) with the number in USA (50.000), mentioning that “there is room for about 5.000 facilities” in Brazil. He also highlighted that Brazil has 20 cities with more than 1 million inhabitants and “there is absolutely no reason why there shouldn’t be a number of Self Storage facilities in every single one of these 20 cities”.

On Senior Living, Peer pointed out that the Brazilian “population over 80 years old is expected to grow over 5% a year until 2050” and when asked about the Student Housing market, he mentioned that “today the student population is about 6 million” of which, depending on the city, “10% to 30% live and study away from their home town”. He stated that the student population is expected to double by 2020.

Peer said that Prolifico structures its operation by separating PropCo and OpCo, in order to “maximize flexibility with regard to growth and exit”. He said because the markets are early stage and lack significant know-how, Prolifico partners with foreign professionals, such as the CEO and co-founder of Big Yellow, “which is one of the leading European Self Storage owners and operators” and “the most recognized brand in the UK”.

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